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Addiction Treatment 

Do you ever feel like you are so stuck in the cave of addition and there is no way out? Addictions keep you trapped and locked into their destructive system.  I am here to help you get to the root of your addiction and not just banish the parts of yourself that have shamed you for so long. Instead, I am here to help you make friends with the parts of yourself connected to your addiction, and the parts that are giving you a hard time.  Are you ready for the healing process to begin?  If you are ready, I am ready to meet you.  Click the link below, to get started and begin to feel more connected today.

Cave Hiker
Its time to feel in control of your life again. 

Taking a closer look at Addiction Treatment 

So often, addiction is viewed as a disease or an uncontrollable habit that signals a lack of willpower. In Internal Family Systems, IFS Therapy for Addictions, IFS suggest a paradigm shift. Rather than viewing addiction as a pathology, IFS proposes that it reflects the behavior of polarized, protective parts struggling to manage underlying emotional pain.

The recovering client will learn to access in therapy their core, compassionate self and collaborate and befriend protective parts who engage in the addictive processes by healing the vulnerable, wounded parts they protect; and restoring balance to their system.  Internal Family Systems, IFS is an evidence based approach to healing trauma and addictions. 

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