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Tropical Leaves


These are wonderful resources to enhance your understand of emotional and mental health.

Love Ukraine

Deb Dana: How to Use Polyvagal Vagal to Shift your nervous system.

Surreal Flower

Vicki Tidwell: 4 Essentials for Mastering Boundaries

Japanese Parasols

Sarah Baldwin: Nervous System Regulation 101: The Life-Changing Science of Polyvagal Theory.

Heart Shape Soap Bubbles

Geroge Fallor and Lorie Watson: Make Better Sense of Your Thoughts for Better Sex

Fields of Gold

Tammy Sollenberger: An Internal Family System

Colorful Flags

IFS and Richard Schwartz

Tropical Leaves

Apps - Mindfulness

Tropical Leaves

Favorite Books
Marriage & Sexual Desire

Tropical Leaves

Internal Family Systems &
PolyVagal Theory

Tropical Leaves

Love Addiction & Co-dependence

Tropical Leaves