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We provide integrative and evidence-based methods to help you navigate through struggles in yourself, relationships, or family dynamics. Cultivating a healthy relationship with yourself is a primary focus of our therapy approach. If you're feeling stuck or struggling with anxiety, depression, or self-harm, we are here to help you.

My practice, Courtney Holbrook Marriage & Family Therapy, is here to help you and your loved ones navigate your way through life’s ups and downs. With evidence-based methods and my expertise in emotionally focused therapy, I can help turn moments of emotional distress into moments of bonding and connection. Take a step toward healing today.

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Online Therapy

Get the support you need for your relationship with Courtney Holbrook Marriage & Family Therapy. Our online services are a convenient and effective alternative to traditional in-office treatments. Schedule an appointment today through our client portal and take the first step towards a stronger and more fulfilling relationship.

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I work with women and couples who want to:

  • Improve their interpersonal relationships, leadership abilities, and marriages

  • Recover from painful experiences and other emotional and spiritual wounds

  • Live into their God-given potential

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451 University Drive

2nd Floor, R Bank Building

Fort Worth, Texas 76017


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