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Life Transitions & Change

Let’s be honest. Life is hard. And always changing. But we’re creatures of habit so when things change, especially when they change in ways we didn’t expect or feel ready for, it leads to stress. A lot of stress. And sometimes, you may need a little support to deal with that stress.

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Does Counseling Mean something is "wrong" with me?

Sometimes, people worry coming to counseling means something is “wrong” with them. But the truth is that coming to counseling during a period of high stress in your life just means you’re dedicated to finding a healthy way to cope with that stress. Stress can stem from all kinds of life changes. But the common thread is that individuals who come in for counseling want to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and figure out what comes next to make life more managable. Most do not want to stay stuck in this moment of stress & overwhelm.

Everyone Responds Differently to Stress

Below are descriptions of just a few of the many, many life changes that might bring a person to counseling. But please keep in mind that every one of us reacts to stress differently. Situations that one person breezes through might be crippling for another. And that doesn’t mean the latter person is “weaker,” because they may face a completely different situation with more confidence and grace than the first.

A Note about “positive” transitions….

Please also note that not every life transition that brings a person into counseling is inherently bad. Sometimes it’s a needed transition. Or one you’ve waited a long time for. But the stress of the change still throws you for a loop. Maybe you didn’t even expect to feel sad or confused right now. This is supposed to be a happy time. That is ok too. Because even positive change still requires a period of adjustment and often your “new life” looks differently than expected so you have to adapt to this new outlook.

Transition From College Student to Working Professional

Many recent graduates enter the workforce in their chosen career and feel up for the challenge. Again, another “positive” stress because they’ve worked hard to get to this point in life. They wanted this. Yet, they feel incredibly stressed.

Does this feel familiar? Maybe the new career isn’t what you pictured. Or it’s harder to adjust to the expectations of a new job than you expected. Or really difficult to find that first job in your career. Sometimes it’s just incredibly scary to face the unknown of this big moment in your life. There are new expectations. A changing support system compared to when you were in college. There’s just a lot to adjust to. And this is a very, very normal time to start therapy. Counseling can help you gain confidence, build a sense of self, and begin moving toward goals that are really in line with who you are and what you value

Other Life Transitions & Change

Starting College

Transition from College to Working Professional

Adjustment Moving to a New City or State

Newly Married

New Parents

Chronic Illness

Counseling during and after divorce

Counseling after retirement

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