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Group Bonding

College Students

The day you graduated high school you probably looked forward to the day of driving off to college, leaving all your worries behind and embarking on a bright future filled with new freedoms, friends and opportunities. You potentially pondered all the wonderful ideas and dreams of finding the perfect friends, living independently from your parents and making choices on your own, to taking classes that peaked your interest.  However, now that you are at school and the stresses of college have set in, you might feel that you are in over your head!  Lets face it, the stresses of college life are high yet are largely minimized and overlooked due to the fact that everyone looks like they are having so much fun.  College is a special time where you are still establishing your own identity in the midst of pressure coming from many different vantage points ie. yourself, family, friends and college culture.  In college there is an expectation that you are able to meet your own needs by choosing a future occupation, handling relationships well, withstanding the academic rigor, while managing academic and personal schedules.  Counseling can provide a safe place to navigate your feelings and help you process the obstacles you face in college. 

Students Studying in Coffee Shop

Social Life

Fitting in and making friends is not as easy at it looks.  We can find ourselves doing things we never imagined to gain the friends that we think we have always wanted.  If you find your struggling with friends, friend groups or disordered eating or unwanted behavior give me a call.


Academic Rigor

The academic expectations of college at times can seem insurmountable.  If you find yourself struggling with anxiety, depression or perfectionistic tendencies, social isolation this is normal.  Give me a call today, so that I can help you walk through this chapter of your life and help you manage your stress so that life seems more managable. 

Graduation Girls

Post Graduation

The transition from high school to college, and then from college to the professional world is tough and might be more than you anticipated.  If you find yourself worrying about the future and stressing about what is next for you post college, you are not alone.

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