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Anxiety & Depression

Are you tired of dealing with feelings of depilating overwhelmed and  fear that lead to thoughts that life is unmanageable? Or are you trying to escape feelings of inescapable despair and doom?  At first, you thought you could handle it, your stress, your life and now the feelings are starting to reach a boiling point of disaster.  


You thought your problem started with an anxious thought. But now you realize you can't sleep, you have racing thoughts, your heart and chest pound, and you stay up at at night thinking about the "what if's."  You desperately want relief off the hampster wheel of exhaustion, and dream about a few moments of peace. 

Maybe, its time to explore other options for anxiety treatment?

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Symptoms of Anxiety Include

Feeling tense, overwhelming sense of doom or panic, increased heart rate, sweating, rapid breathing, feeling weak, trouble sleeping, excessive worry.

Approach to Anxiety Treatment through IFS
We will use the Internal Family Systems (IFS) to discuss the racing thoughts that feed your anxiety.  We will begin a journey together to discover the parts of yourself that manifest your anxiety.  From there we will begin a deeper relationship within yourself that will foster a loving relationship with yourself. You will learn to have a relationship with yourself that will foster compassion and understanding to the parts that drive your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around your anxiety.

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